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The Design Corner: Decorating for fall

Fall 2018 has officially arrived! Cathi Anne, our very own Stager and design expert, has shared some of her tips + tricks for decorating as the seasons change! Read on to learn more about the fall trends for 2018, creative uses for everyday objects, and easy color combinations that bring life to any room!

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Cathi Beighe: Realtor, Designer, and Staging Extraordinaire

We like to call Cathi our "secret weapon," because she can transform any home into a remarkably photogenic listing. Every home she touches turns into this beautiful, sparkling piece of art that our professional photographers and videographer enjoy capturing from every angle. Cathi's eye for showing off the house as a home is impeccable.

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5 Tips for Organizing Your Home

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Perhaps your resolution for 2014 is to get organized. Perhaps not. Either way, we’d encourage you to do so. It will not only make your life easier and more efficient and running smoothly, but it will also likely save you time and money. And who wouldn’t want...

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