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To Rent Or To Buy? That Is The Question.

Many first time home buyers — and even some folks who have owned in the past and are currently renting — are just unsure about whether or not they should purchase a home. It is important to weigh your options before purchasing because it is likely the largest purchase you...

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Drinking Water Quality in Harrisonburg

You’re thirsty. You grab a glass from the cabinet, walk over to your kitchen sink, and fill ‘er up. Ever wonder what goes into that glass? An Environmental Working Group website now gives users the ability to see what chemicals and/or contaminants are in your drinking water, by searching by...

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How to Qualify for Energy Efficiency Tax Credits

We’ve posted a lot about the first time home buyer tax credit lately, but what about some other tax credits related to real estate? Energy efficiency can not only gain you tax credits, but also confidence in that you are helping the environment, and energy savings long-term. We came across...

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