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Welcome to Bridgewater Reads – we’re so glad you’re here and joining in on this program!

Hundreds of years ago, William Shakespeare created a new era in England where all people could share a common experience and language.  That commonality began a cultural change that continues today.  The focus of Bridgewater Reads is to provide a common experience and language in our community that will bring unity and connection.  My hope is that this reading program will add a positive and encouraging way to communicate with neighbors and friends of all generations and gives us all a common talking point.

This Month’s Book

The Little House written and illustrated by Virginia Lee Burton

Previous Month’s Book

The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes, by DuBose Heyward, Pictures by Marjorie Hack


How does this program work? 

*Read the book alone, as a household, over the phone, etc.
*Write your name on the list in the book.
*Give the book to another person in Bridgewater – a friend, neighbor, someone you met standing in line at the grocery store, etc.
*If you have this book on the last day of the month, donate it!

Where should I donate it? 

There are lots of possibilities, including local schools, churches, libraries etc.

Meet the Founder, Peyton Miller

Originally from Richmond, Peyton relocated to Harrisonburg in 2001. She has lived in the Town of Bridgewater since 2006 and loves being part of a small town. While staying home to raise three boys, Peyton received her Masters in Education from James Madison University.   Now with many years of experience in real estate, Peyton enjoys walking alongside individuals and families as they make the significant decision to purchase or sell a home. Her passion is in helping people live their best lives; and she accomplishes this by handling all of the details and proactively tackling any obstacles, so that her clients are able to focus on the joys of finding a home and community of their own. When she is not working, Peyton enjoys reading, watching soccer, and promoting community involvement.

Share your thoughts!

We’d love to get your thoughts on this month’s book! Did it help spark some interesting conversations? Made you think of a friend that inspired you to pick up the phone and connect with them? Share your story in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Bridgewater Reads

  1. Jennifer Hildebrand

    Loved reading this story with my girls! I always tell them they can be anything they set their minds to. I especially love the gift the mother bunny gives her children in teaching them to be independent and care for themselves so they too can have the tools to grow up and be whatever they want!

  2. Jyl & Bill Gamble

    What a wonderful idea for our community to experience. The messages in this book were written long ago but are just as important today. Thanks to Peyton for instigating this creative idea.

  3. Peyton Miller

    I grew up reading this book at my grandparent’s house. I loved the images of the different pairs of bunnies doing their chores, and I always wanted to be the bunnies that painted happy pictures. As an adult, I read this book and realize how progressive it was. This was written in 1939, and it tells the story of a woman working hard to care for her family and follow her career dream as well. Nestled in the artistry and comfort of fiction is the beautiful truth of perseverance amidst prejudice and difficult circumstances.


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